Ensuring serenity and health

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I have been using chorella for years on a fairly regular basis. I also give it daily (mixed with applesauce) to my two children, aged 3 and 1, to fortify them.

I took some when I was pregnant. My youngest son who had an accident recently, was hospitalized and operated under general anesthesia, he was very exhausted. Back home, I gave him chorella and he quickly healed and found sleep again.

Chorella, mainly from ECHLORIAL because it is produced in greenhouses and protected from atmospheric pollution, is for me the safest algae in terms of quality.

I think that today’s food is poorer and less complete in nutrients than before, especially because of chemical treatments in agriculture.

Also, taking chorella is very useful for my family to assure us serenity and health thanks to its richness in vitamins, trace elements and also proteins.


Fiffi, 30 November 2015
Note from the eChlorial team
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