Purifying Chlorella

  • Heavy metals
  • Intestines
  • Well being

I tried chlorella in tablet form several times, at first for heavy metal poisoning (mercury). I noticed that it improved my digestive system, that I felt better. But I didn’t like the taste and the tablets (I prefer the powder).

Then I discovered Echlorial chlorella, and found its taste very good, it had nothing to do with the other brands I tested before.

On the other hand, it is better to start with small doses before increasing, if like me you are very sensitive to what you eat. I quickly felt that my body got used to it and now I can consume large quantities (when I feel like it) without any problem.

I mix it with fruit juice.

It is a precious help for me, I feel a purifying and regenerating effect.

I try to listen to my body and to consume it when I feel like it, like for everything else if possible…


Lili, 30 November 2015
Note from the eChlorial team
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