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Deep detox

Prescribed by my Naturopath for a deep detox of heavy metals. No problems, no digestive concerns. Effects felt:

– Improved transit

– Better energy

– Clearer mind

– Greater mental energy

Yours sincerely

Jean-baptiste, 4 April 2024
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The cause is mercury…

Hello again 🙂 the delivery went very well, 2 days later I had it. In just a few days of taking chlorella I’m already living again, I’m coming out of 3 years of nightmare, I’m writing these few lines while crying… During the 1st confinement I found myself alone by a combination of circumstances, and not being reassured I was doing my shopping as close as possible in a mini-market, and I ate canned tuna almost every day for 3 months… I finally found the cause of my malaise, which in the meantime cost me my job, my girlfriend, a lot of money to find a solution, and I became the family’s extra-terrestrial, because I was still at the stage of not being able to leave my sofa and hold a conversation… This cause is mercury!!! Thanks a million, don’t change a thing, we’ll be in touch 💜💜

Patrice, 16 August 2023
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Detox cure

Hello, II will soon finish my detox with your chlorella. The results are incredible.
Indeed, I had made a urine analysis before treatment and I had a quite important lead excess: almost 3 times the maximum authorized dose (14,81 microgr/gr creatinine).

Today, my treatment is almost over and I just received the results of my last analysis: 0.4 :microgr/gr creatinine.
It’s incredible but it’s the reality. I thank you very much for the quality of your products.

I also feel much better and I have not had a single cold since the beginning of the treatment, which has never happened for many years.
After my treatment, I would like to continue taking chlorella and spirulina throughout the year in order to benefit from the detox effect and the many other advantages. I do a lot of sport and I am convinced of the benefits brought by all these nutrients.

I would also like to do a cure of astasanthine but I would like to know at what period it is better to do it, for how long and how many times a year?
Again, congratulations for your products.

Jc, 7 January 2020
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Macrophage myofacitis

I have been a nurse for 46 years and suffer from muscle and joint pain, intense and frequent headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, shortness of breath and major memory problems. I have been in medical wandering since 1987, despite numerous examinations and various treatments, anti inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, triptans, all not very effective and harmful (stomach ulcer).

At the beginning of 2018 the doctors certifying me that all my exams were normal, I searched for myself on the internet and found a hypothesis!
I then contacted the department of rare neuromuscular diseases at Henri Mondor hospital in Créteil, I was given a muscle biopsy of the deltoid and the diagnosis fell, my muscles contain aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles (the adjuvant found in the hepatitis B vaccines marketed since 1984). My symptoms started just after my 4 mandatory vaccinations to work as a nurse, done in 85 and 86. The aluminum is in all my body, my organs and my brain. This adjuvant is now found in all mandatory vaccines for infants.

This disease does not affect all vaccinated people, because it is due to a genetic predisposition (like many autoimmune diseases) and we are only 1000 in France! Now I finally know what I have, but there is no possible cure.

I am followed by a naturopath specialized in detox and she had advised me the Chlorella of Echlorial that I take since the beginning of 2018. This has helped me with my nails that looked like wavy sheetrock and were peeling off the flesh, my dry skin issues and psoriasis, with a little improvement in my aches and pains. She also makes me take organic MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Quinton serum, glutathione for my liver, high dose of Vit C and I drink water rich in silica (Volvic) on the advice of Professor Exley, a world specialist in aluminum. I am also followed by Professor Authier at the Henri Mondor Hospital but we are in fact used as guinea pigs because they don’t have enough experience with this disease. I had all my fillings removed by a hollistic dentist and I am looking for solutions to detoxify myself as much as possible!

If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear from you :)

See E3M website for more info on this disease



Odile, 6 January 2020
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Tested dozens of brands

I tested dozens of brands of chlorella and in the end the best one that really has a positive impact on my body is the brand eChlorial. Conscious of the atmospheric pollution, they cultivate algae under glass tubes, thus preventing any contact with the external pollutants! You have at home a product of the purest that it is.
I can only recommend this one! I even did a hair test in Germany to detect my level of heavy metals following a chlorella treatment! The before and after results are more than significant! I don’t lose my hair anymore, my nails, my skin, my whole organism problem is recent! It’s just a top quality product!


(Consumer for 5 years)

Testimonial originally published on Facebook

Anne-so, 14 January 2019
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Electro-Hypersensitivity / Fibromyalgia… Chlorella the beginning of a small miracle !


I have been suffering for 20 years from strange pains such as contractures and blockages of the back, sciatica, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc…

These problems appeared around 1997 – 1998 following several extractions and dental amalgams and crowns, but also following a massive vaccination (more than 13 injections of vaccines between 1995 and 1997, notably against Hepatitis B).

Over the years and suffering, I consulted dozens of specialists (rheumatologists, osteopaths, neurosurgeons, etc…) but nobody really found the causes of my pain… (except for a small herniated disc, quite common)

No treatment really had any effect, I was often told that it was psychosomatic problems or simply back problems… and to send me to rehab to do hundreds of hours of physical therapy, without much result.

Between 2009 and 2014, I managed to partially cope in an empirical way by practicing 30 minutes of stretching per day, and up to 10 hours of weight training / cardio per week (I lost 15 kg of fat and gained 8 kg of muscle)

It became livable, but the relief was only partial, with some pain returning regularly.

In 2015, following the integration of a very electromagnetically polluted professional environment (5 Wifi terminals next to me, 8 telephone antennas at 20 meters,…), my symptoms suddenly reappeared, with after a few months, complete blockage of the upper back, strong pain and almost no way to drive, nor to work…

In 2016, at the CHRU, a great professor pronounced for the first time the term Fibromyalgia….

… This was followed by 1 year of various treatments that I had never tried before: 4 antidepressant treatments, antiepileptics, various psychotropic drugs, Hypnosis, etc. etc… all this WITHOUT any result!

To each “Great” specialist or head of department of hospital (I made 3 hospitals!) … The same conclusion: “… Atypical Fibromyalgia, Sir”

… and the causes please? …. “…Idiopathic causes, Sir! “( cf: in the dictionary: a disease or symptom whose cause could not be attributed)

In the summer of 2017, my dentist, finally helped me understand that my symptoms were due to electrosensitivity! (I thought it was an urban legend! ). He also admitted to me, and I quote: “We (dentists) have made many mistakes”.

There, everything became clear!… I had just understood why my sciatica and back pain appeared in certain environments: supermarkets, near Wifi terminals, etc…

In his impetus, my dentist undertook to extract, in a few days, the last 4 dental amalgams which remained in my mouth (I had had 8 or 9 in all in my life, and for some for 30 years)

…And there, it was the catastrophe, my symptoms literally exposed:

– My tinnitus, which for 20 years had been a simple one-sided whistling sound, became a real plane taking off on both sides,

– Very violent headaches, after 15 minutes of computer or phone use, Ditto in wifi environment,

– Violent discharges in my left leg, of crural type, during the starting of certain electric apparatus (hair drier, kettle…)

– Nausea, dizziness, mental confusion, etc… etc…

– Impossible to enter a supermarket, nor to drive more than 20 minutes

The only solution to alleviate a little my evils: to go to wander whole days in the forest, in the cold, far from the antennas relay and other wifi.

For me, and in spite of my foggy mind, it had become certain that I was reacting to the mercury that had been released and that I had inhaled during the grinding of my dental amalgams.

It is now obvious that my Electro-Hypersensitivity and Fibromyalgia were a reaction to the mercury ions that had accumulated in my body tissues over the years, a slow poisoning!

During the 2 months following the removal of the amalgams I remained in this state, without any notable improvement….

Until I discovered Dr. Klinghardt’s detoxification protocol and the Chlorella Echlorial.

And that was the beginning of a small miracle!

2 days after I started taking the Chlorella, I felt a tiny change… hope, finally!

I took Echlorial powder massively: 4 to 5 times a day… about 12 to 15 grams a day.

Each day, I felt a slight improvement: my tinnitus which prevented me from sleeping, became more bearable, the violent discharges disappeared…

To specify that I also undertook, 2 weeks after the Chlorella, the massive intake of Glutathione, and of fermented papaya and Sodium R-Lipoate (antioxidants)

and to protect myself as much as possible: Sleep in a Faraday cage, without forgetting to spend a maximum of time in the forest,

As I write these lines, I am exactly 4 weeks into taking Chorella, and I am finishing my first 350 gr. box of powder…

But the results are there : in 1 month of Chlorella, my sufferings have decreased by 30 to 40 % (whereas during the first 2 months of Chlorella, I had a lot of pain).

(whereas during the first 2 months since the amalgam extraction, I didn’t see much improvement)

Twice I tried to go to phase 2 of the treatment, and took Bear’s garlic, but there … my symptoms worsened … I had to go back, it was too early apparently. I still have hope, but I know that it will be long.

With this testimony, I really wanted to thank Muriel Cathaud, manager of Echlorial, for her kindness, her welcome, her advice, and especially for producing this miraculous Chlorella!

Richard, 3 January 2018
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Chlorella also as a deodorant and body cleanser

Fervent user of chlorella – bought on this site – for many years, following a very fragile ground by serious problems with heavy metals – chlorella which greatly improved my daily life and decreased my problems of intolerances in any kind thanks to the klinghardt protocol – I discovered this week a new use.

Being very sensitive to chemical and even natural components (salicylic acid…) in cosmetic products, I tested chlorella in powder form as a deodorant and even as a cleanser under the shower: the result is that my skin is soft and this deodorant is effective on me: it leaves my skin dry and clean. Obviously the result will also depend on the diet and the level of toxins in the body at the origin of the odor prob.

In short, I am very happy with this discovery that I wanted to share with you.

Thank you for the seriousness of your site and your quality products.

Paris area

Constance, 19 June 2017
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Weight loss

I work in the petrochemical industry in Canada and am very exposed to heavy metal pollution. I bought chlorella in France for the first time exactly one year ago. I had never heard of it but I am very interested in nutrition and I subscribed to newsletters. One day I receive one that talks about Chlorella. And I try it. I’ve been taking chlorella for 11 months now. I started slowly. The first week, I had a headache and dizziness but I knew that it was probably just a short bad moment to pass. I gradually increased the dose from 1 gram to probably 6 grams a day. I don’t really count. I take a big handful. Every day.

It is an absolute miracle product. Never constipated again. Always a flat stomach (I always had a bloated and distended stomach before) and no matter what I did (gym, trying to control what I ate) I didn’t lose weight. My weight stayed the same. No matter what I did. Like my metabolism was slowed down.

I just turned 35. I have lost 18kgs since I started taking chlorella (11 months ago). I am the same weight I was at 23 and I feel like I am 23 again. I don’t have pain anywhere. And I have a lot of energy again, as if I had really become 12 years younger. At work, people notice how I change from week to week. And many people think I’m 26-28 instead of 35. It’s really nice when the compliment comes from people who are 26 to 28 years old.

I did a lot of research to find chlorella that didn’t come from China. Because even if I had to take food supplements to clean up my body, I wanted to be sure that I was absorbing something of quality. I came across this website. Echlorial.

I bought the family box (1kg). It won’t last me 10 months because I take about 6 grams a day and asked my boyfriend to take some too. He almost gave up the first week because it made him feel bad (like me) but I begged him not to give up before feeling the benefits…

Personally, I’m sure I lost all that weight (18kgs) thanks to Chorella because really apart from having a job where I’m very active physically since March, taking chorella is the only difference in my lifestyle.

I just wanted to share my experience because so many people just don’t know what to do to speed up their metabolism. Chlorella has been the answer for me and I’m going to recommend it before I run out. By the time it gets to Canada, I need to get a head start ;)

In Canada, the only one I can find comes from Asia…

That’s my experience with this magic seaweed. Not ready to stop taking it!


Fleuriane, 30 November 2015
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Chlorella in the arteries

Before 2013, not a day went by without me complaining about pain in my feet, back, joints, hemorrhoids, and so on…

Then one day, I discovered on the net, an advertisement talking about Chlorella. I got in touch with the professor to reassure me of the reliability of the product.

I started to take, first, 3 tablets, then, went to 6 to finish to 9 per day. I admit and with sincerity that the pains disappeared and I started to feel good in my body and in my head. My intestinal transit became normal. I think that one of the qualities of Chlorella is to purify the blood of all that is toxic, and it works too well! I recommend it to everyone, in all sincerity.

Thank you for your help.


Marsusse Lavrel, 30 November 2015
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Purifying Chlorella

I tried chlorella in tablet form several times, at first for heavy metal poisoning (mercury). I noticed that it improved my digestive system, that I felt better. But I didn’t like the taste and the tablets (I prefer the powder).

Then I discovered Echlorial chlorella, and found its taste very good, it had nothing to do with the other brands I tested before.

On the other hand, it is better to start with small doses before increasing, if like me you are very sensitive to what you eat. I quickly felt that my body got used to it and now I can consume large quantities (when I feel like it) without any problem.

I mix it with fruit juice.

It is a precious help for me, I feel a purifying and regenerating effect.

I try to listen to my body and to consume it when I feel like it, like for everything else if possible…


Lili, 30 November 2015
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Chlorella, a golden food

While browsing the net I discovered chlorella because being a smoker I needed to get rid of heavy metals. I went through a lot of sites that sold it but I found that of Echlorial better because it is protected by glass tubes and therefore protected from air pollution like chemtrails.

Since then I have been using it for several years and I even give it to my cat who loves it and I feel much better on all levels. It has helped me overcome my constipation, remove my stomach upset, clear my bronchial tubes, and certainly many other things that I am not aware of.

I have recommended it to all my family and friends who are delighted.
That’s my story.


Victoria, 30 November 2015
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  • Joints

Significant heavy metal poisoning

We started consuming Chlorella Echlorial in early 2007, but we don’t know if our testimonies can be useful to you given their complexity!

In fact, I have polyarthritis, allopathic medicine had nothing to offer me but morphine! A friend in the same case had to regularly enter a clinic for detoxification, so I refused and opted for the alternative route.

After years of research andscamming, a yoga teacher advised me to change my diet and miraculously, the pain became more bearable. Then an honest alternative doctor diagnosed heavy metal intoxication as well as for my husband (he is lucky enough to have almost no symptoms).

So we started removing toxic amalgams and taking chlorella EChlorial. I took 320 chlorella tablets per day, but the pain was again atrocious since the removal despite the perfect protocol, the strict Seignalet diet (100% fruits, raw and organic vegetables, no animal products, not even honey, no starch, that is to say no potatoes, no legumes, no dairy products, no gluten, only one portion of organic quinoa per day) and the chlorella

The intoxication was too strong for the chlorella and the diet to be sufficient…

I was very lucky to receive excellent information from Professor Klinghardt and to follow the “American” NDF and Liver-Life protocol, to progress step by step, drop by drop … and so did my husband. In my case, I will have to follow this detox for life and the diet, but the pain is bearable. We have since come back to Echlorial chlorella because it is an incomparable help as a super food, its chlorophyll is most precious, … etc. Now my husband takes 40 tablets a day and I take 80 a day.


Anonymous, 7 July 2015
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Miraculous: chlorella and fibromyalgia

My story: My husband having done research on the internet and not being able to see me suffer anymore discovered your product.

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years and I am intoxicated with heavy metals.

42 years as a caregiver for the elderly (how many broken thermometers picking up mercury and leaded teeth in my youth).

I TAKE THE CHLORELLA SINCE 12/3/2015, at 30 tablets day, after 35 days strong pain, I increased the dose of 60 tablets on the advice of Ms. Muriel Cathaud, for 3 days, then resume 30.

At present I have found sleep again, I am more active, everything is going in the right direction, I will take chlorella every day, it does me so much good, and I talk about it a lot around me, and so well guided by Mrs. Muriel Cathaud (doctor of science).


Bernadette, 24 April 2015
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Amalgam detoxification

A big thank you to Mrs Cathaud for her kindness. The service is excellent, as is the quality of the chlorella.

I have been taking it for a year, and thanks to this product, I was able to undertake a really effective detoxification of mercury as well as the removal of my amalgams, having had many health problems because of them.

Today I feel much better, it is incomparable! and I continue the detox with chlorella, a precious ally of my well-being.


Anonymous, 13 April 2015
  • Heavy metals
  • Joints

Chlorella and me: arthritis, fatigue, insomnia

Suffering from osteoarthritis, fatigue and insomnia, after having had acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy and other traditional treatments, I turned to chlorella after having seen the report on television about heavy metals and dental amalgams.

Progressively, I wanted to test the program. I could not stand the high doses and I had to reduce the dose (although it is advised to increase it) because I suffered from constipation, headaches, balance problems. For 2 months, I have been taking 10 tablets 3 times a day and I am still waiting for significant improvements which I hope will not take too long to appear, if all the good components of the chlorella act.

Why don’t phytotherapists recommend it?


Mireille, 13 April 2015
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