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Before I get started, I want to make it clear that I am not pro-organic, pro-vegan, pro-food supplement, etc. I don’t really eat healthy, but whatever…

Here is my personal feedback on chlorella:

A friend had told me several times about Chlorella a few months ago. Not being a fan of drugs and other food supplements, it didn’t really “echo” in my ears. No one else in my circle knew about it either… Later on, during a professional trip, I talked with several people who were also taking it, and they explained me more precisely what these green algae were, their virtues, their history, the legend of Japan, blablabla. When I came back I ordered a box, not that I was convinced but I don’t like to die stupid.

It took me 3 months to decide to take it! I remember the smell when I opened the jar of pills for the first time… It didn’t make me want to take it… and the capsules were a bit big for my taste. Anyway, once I got past this psychological stage, it’s good :)

Before starting the consumption, I followed my friend’s recommendations, namely listening to your body the week before you start taking it. Concretely, this consists in identifying the moments of your day: tiredness, loss of concentration, not wanting to move, etc.

D-Day. I start soft: 5 tablets.

From the first day I noticed a kind of “boost” (like drinking a redbull but without the fatigue after 7 hours). However I was unable to know if this was due (or not) to Chlorella. Being skeptical by nature, I put it on the fact that I had drunk 5 coffees that day.

I continued the following days (5 the first 15 days, then 6 since), and there, pleasant surprise: I thought that it would not make any difference, it was the opposite. In short: a better muscle tone (almost never tired), no more concentration problems (even though I work all day in front of the screens), no more tiredness. I also sleep much better.

For me Chlorella is effective and I cannot deny its beneficial effects. The best advice I can give you is to talk about it with someone who uses it to have a better idea.

P.S.: Personally I advise you to take your tablets with orange juice, it is much more pleasant than with water or coffee.


Pierre, 23 May 2016
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