Transit and Herpes…

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  • Herpes, Sores
  • Intestines

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had serious transit and herpes problems! As a young adult, my jobs exposed me to high-altitude sunlight, with recurrent fatigue and hyper-energetic foods…

My second life led me to live in camps at the ends of the earth, with 11-hour time differences and unbalanced diets!

Lives favoring a perfect cocktail for my galleys!

Today I live in the most polluted valley in the Alps, which is what led me to Muriel Cathaud and her invaluable advice. I wanted to cleanse my body. I had no idea how beneficial taking chlorella could be for me, and at the same time solve my chronic transit and herpes problems.

Since I’ve been taking chlorella, I’ve noticed that I get less and less flu in winter, even though I used to have very little of it, which gives me a much-appreciated extra boost.

As for my son, who has obviously picked up both the good and the bad, he hasn’t been spared. As a high-level athlete, he races on the World Cup circuit all winter at a very steady pace, 3 to 4 races a week. His stress caused him anxiety at the start, which risked ending with a run to the toilet rather than medals, while at the same time he avoided falling ill with all the travelling he had to do. He is now enjoying the benefits of the chlorella he has adopted.

Jean Louis, 10 January 2024
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