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I don’t know how to convince my eternal skeptics that your chlorella is a must in their diet, just like royal jelly and other natural products like essential oils and mother tinctures, because it is obvious that most diseases come from deficiencies as diverse as they are varied, which allow heavy metals and other toxins to spread and stabilize in the body…

I think that the improvement of my general condition (intoxicated because I inhaled mercury monoxide at the age of 13). Note that I have mainly neurological symptoms (speech disorders, no instincts, no dreams, inappropriate irritability, chronic insomnia, persistent tinnitus, morale often at zero…), and dermatological cysts, various infections, anthrax, various skin rashes. Some gastric problems such as abnormal secretion of bile and persistent pain in the gallbladder, cardiac disorders (tachycardia) and painful kidneys.

Chlorella added to the synergy of some natural and organic products constituting my cure has already reduced in such a short time and alone the kidney and bladder pains.

I have unpleasant sensations in the brain, the cerebellum and the liver, but I feel the poison reacting to the chlorella.

My urines are dark, sometimes green, or orange, my stools metallic color. At the first intake of chlorella, I found traces of pure metal in my stools the next day.

In short, I have no other choice than to subscribe to chlorella echlorial, aware of its chelating efficiency.

I will also highly recommend it to as many people as I can.
See you soon, respectfully,


Anonymous, 18 March 2015
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