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I have skin problems since my birth, lately quite inflamed (hollow of the arms, in the neck, eyelids).

I have tried many food supplements.

At the moment I have a considerable improvement, I am more resistant to fatigue, I catch fewer colds, I wake up easier and above all my eczema is decreasing (I hope this is not a placebo effect)

In addition to chlorella, I have been taking for a short time:

– 20 chlorella tablets / day

– 1 tablet Magnesium Bisglycinate / days

– 1 tablet every other day Ester-C Plus 1000 Vitamin C

– 1 tablet/day Zinc Picolinate 22 mg

I also practice bodybuilding, is chlorella suitable?

Should I reduce the doses of the other supplements ?

In short, I feel better since I’ve been taking chlorella.

Thank you !

Flo 62, 22 years old


Reply to Flo:

I am delighted that our Chlorella brings you the vitality, stamina and well-being you are looking for.

Your eczema is diminishing, that’s great, but expect episodes of relapse. Chlorella will always be there to help you.

However, I remind you that the improvements brought by Chlorella on the skin require a regular intake. They are perceptible in the long term.

Chlorella is an excellent complement for sportsmen.

It is a cocktail of essential nutrients that allows to limit the intake of other supplements.

Thank you for your testimony, be well

Muriel Cathaud

Flo62, 25 March 2015
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