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“Halte aux Métaux Lourds” – Interview with Stéphane Tetart

Stéphane TETART, 54 years old, naturopath for over ten years, specializing in heavy metal detoxification programs and performance enhancement.

Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

As a naturopath specializing in supporting performers, I’m dedicated to fighting chronic fatigue, heavy metals and food intolerances. I’ve had the privilege of writing a dozen books on natural health, including the best-selling “Secrets de naturopathes”. In my practice, I integrate the emotional dimension, traditional methods and advanced “biohacking” techniques to offer comprehensive, personalized support to my clients.

What is your path to becoming a naturopath and your specialization in the fight against heavy metals?

Stéphane TETART – Naturopath. Author of the book “Halte aux Métaux Lourds”.

Originally a journalist, I was personally confronted with the problems of food intolerances (gluten and milk, curiously enough…) before discovering the link with heavy metals, due to numerous dental amalgams and exotic vaccines. As I continued my quest to regain my health, I became passionate about everything to do with health, especially food, and eventually decided to make it my profession. I studied dietetics, Chinese medicine, ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), nutritherapy, and above all naturopathy, which combines dietary, physical and mental hygiene with the use of plants and food supplements. I’ve also explored emotional practices such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), meditation, mindfulness and kundalini yoga.

Can you tell us about your approach to healing and your specialties?

Halte aux Métaux Lourds – Stéphane Tetart

I often work with people who have little time to devote to their health. My main strategy is to identify the 20% of effort that produces 80% of results. This means eliminating the major errors that affect energy and the use of supplements. My approach focuses first on what brings energy quickly, and then, once that energy has been regained, we look at long-term habits. Changing habits requires energy, so it’s essential to have enough of it.

When I began to study heavy metals, I found that all the chelators I used had conflicting testimonials. For some users, a given chelator had worked miracles, while for others the same chelator made the situation worse, while others proved effective. There was something more or something less that made the difference. After much investigation and many interviews, I discovered that the difference lay in taking care of the body in general, in addition to the chelator. With this understanding, I developed a three-step detoxification protocol, which I detail in my latest book “Halte aux métaux lourds – Enfin la solution”.

What are your main recommendations for well-being and performance, in terms of lifestyle, exercise, diet and natural supplements?

To sum up my many books, here are the main lines of my recommendations:

  • – Eat two-thirds vegetables and/or fruit, preferably raw if well tolerated. Green vegetables, rich in chlorophyll, should be present daily for their detoxifying power.
  • – Ensure good digestion, as poor digestion affects long-term health.
  • – Get enough quality sleep, as insufficient restorative sleep is detrimental to health, energy and mood.
  • – Exercise regularly, as a sedentary lifestyle can have serious consequences for your health.
  • – Detoxify regularly, ideally with fall and spring cures to reduce toxin build-up.
  • – Filter the water you drink to avoid pesticide contamination.
  • – Choose organic, minimally processed foods that are as raw as possible, while avoiding pesticides, dubious additives and carcinogenic substances.
  • – Make sure you get enough antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium, omega-3 (EPA-DHA) and choline through diet or supplementation.

How did you discover the virtues of the supplements you recommend, in particular Chlorella, and why do you frequently recommend it?

Chlorella is at the heart of Dr. Klinghart’s detoxification protocols detoxification protocol, which has been around for decades. Although I’ve improved this protocol over the years, Chlorella remains one of the most powerful chelators when used correctly. I’ve explored various chelation methods, but the protocol I’ve developed for eliminating heavy metals with Chlorella, as detailed in my book, is both very powerful and safe.

Do you also recommend spirulina, astaxanthin and omega-3, and what are the main reasons for this?

I personally consume these three supplements on a daily basis. The spirulina is a superfood rich in chlorophyll, which I add to my salads and smoothies, particularly as my diet is mainly vegetarian or even vegan. Astaxanthin is a versatile antioxidant, particularly beneficial for the skin and brain, which I take especially when traveling in sunny regions. Last but not least omega-3 (EPA and DHA) are essential for optimal optimal brain function and to prevent long-term brain degeneration. They are essential for a healthy brain and the prevention of neurological diseases.

Why do you recommend our products?

As a specialist in heavy metals and environmental toxins, I’m very sensitive to the absence of contaminants and additives in the supplements I recommend. Your products meet these criteria, thanks in particular to the chlorella cultivation in a controlled environmentThis avoids any undesirable contamination of the chlorella and preserves its heavy metal chelating properties. This is why I recommend your Organic Chlorella in my book “Halte aux métaux lourds – enfin la solution”.

What is your feedback on the effects and possible difficulties of taking powder or tablets?

One of the problems encountered with Chlorella is its particular taste. While some people like it, others can’t stand it. In this case, I recommend taking Chlorella in tablet form, or diluting it in apple juice or compote (with no added sugar) to attenuate the taste. In more extreme cases, capsules are an option, but they are more expensive and require greater consumption.

Can you tell us about two or three of your main successes as a naturopath?

Two problems commonly linked to heavy metal poisoning are fibromyalgia and electrohypersensitivity. Thanks to the three-step protocol with Chlorella, I’ve helped many people recover from fibromyalgia and improved the tolerance of electrohypersensitive people, enabling them to return to a normal life. For fibromyalgia, one year’s treatment is generally sufficient to achieve very satisfactory results, whereas electrohypersensitivity can take two to three times longer to treat due to the progressive accumulation of heavy metals. However, with patience and discipline, it’s possible to get by. This is the message I wish to convey through my YouTube channel and my books.

What advice would you like to pass on to readers seeking to take charge of their health?

My message is twofold: first, understand the mechanisms of health by taking the time to educate yourself. Secondly, listen to your body. Many people have lost touch with their own feelings and given up on making informed decisions. Your body is your temple, and you are its guardian. You are the sole master of your body, and while it’s wise to seek advice from competent health professionals, no one should take away your freedom of choice when it comes to your health and impose other choices on you. Especially if they are driven by economic interests. The more you can consciously listen to your body, the more you’ll know what’s right for you. It’s essential to relearn how to listen to yourself in order to live your best life and offer the world the best of yourself.

Your favorite quote?

“Take care of your body so that your soul wants to stay in it.”

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