Hypothyroidism and constipation

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It is Chlorella that prevented me from all the symptoms of hypothyroidism

It is by the greatest of chance that I discovered that my thyroid was being destroyed. I had asked my doctor for a biological check-up to find out where I was in the evolution of menopause.

When I saw my test results, my doctor found it hard to believe that I had no clinical symptoms of my thyroid dysfunction. I am in great shape physically and mentally! We had all the tests redone!

However, the results were confirmed and I started taking Levotyrox, as a preventive measure, the doctor told me …. I wonder!

I am convinced that it is Chlorella that has protected me from the symptoms of hypothyroidism (tiredness, weight gain …) I take 15 tablets of chlorella in the morning and this for more than 6 years.

At the time, I had found in chlorella the means to solve my chronic constipation problems and to avoid temporary loss of energy.

I am very faithful to this small algae which keeps me in shape and this is not about to stop.

Catherine, 18 March 2015
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