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Very serious gastric problems

I am 49 years old, sporty, with a balanced diet. I lived with very serious gastric problems (bleeding, liquid stools, great fatigue, etc.) for several months, trying to solve them with my gastroenterologist.

20 days after taking your Chlorella on a daily basis, the symptoms disappeared extraordinarily quickly. My scientific culture prevents me from claiming a miracle, but the fact that my problems improved so spectacularly at the same time as I started taking this Chlorella diet deserves this testimonial and my warmest thanks.

The control you exercise over the selection and production of your micro-algae is rare, and I’d like to thank you for it too.

Raphael, 17 August 2023
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Intestinal problems

After having recurring and painful intestinal problems all my life, I discovered eChlorial’s chlorella a year ago through a friend and it has changed my life. I can enjoy dairy products and fresh cream again which I love!!!! Thank you so much!

Michel, 28 June 2023
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Digestive candidiasis under control

I bought some chlorella and spirulina from you recently (both in powder form). I think I’ll be taking them for life, as they’re doing so much good for my digestive candidiasis, which has been brought under control.

Celine, 13 June 2023
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Solved two major problems

With Chlorella I solved two major problems that were polluting my life, constipation and herpes labialis. I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t tried to stimulate my lazy bowels. Chlorella instantly made me feel better. Its side effects are nothing but beneficial and it’s reassuring to know that it can only do good. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been prone to fever blisters, which are so painful and unsightly on my lips. Chlorella has also freed me from the problem of herpes labialis. I’ll be eternally grateful. I’m not ready to stop.

Jean, 5 June 2023
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Getting back on track after a tumor

Chlorella helped me to recover from a brain tumor (9 hours of surgery) in 2011. Since then, it never leaves me and gives me vitality and well-being. On the intestinal transit it is great no need to drink liters of hepar. I started with tablets and then I followed the advice of Muriel Cathaud and since then I take the powder that I consider miraculous. I have been using it for more than 10 years and I also take astaxanthin which made me lose the sun spots I had on my face.

Nadine, 15 December 2022
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  • Intestines

A harmonizing effect

I can confirm this. I tried concentrated magnesian chlorophyll and I found myself constipated, whereas chlorella has a harmonizing effect.

The same goes for the energy level, after 2 weeks of chlorella I wake up in great shape and don’t need to eat lunch anymore! Can you confirm this amazing effect?

Best wishes,

Sébastien, 2 November 2022
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  • Joints

The effects of chlorella on my pain

The effects of chlorella on my pains: I had not been so aware of it!

I had bought the family pot which is the economic solution. I stopped because I forgot to buy more. The joint pain in my hands and shoulders came back!

I started again and everything went back to normal. Plus, chlorella fixes my lazy bowel issues 😊

Maria, 21 September 2022
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  • Intestines

More effective than magnesium chlorophyll

I tried concentrated magnesian chlorophyll and found myself constipated, whereas chlorella has a harmonizing effect.
The same goes for the energy level, after 2 weeks of chlorella I wake up in great shape and don’t need to eat lunch anymore! Can you confirm this amazing effect? Kind regards

Sébastien, 2 March 2022
  • Intestines

Chlorella is good for you

I recommend Chlorella which does me a lot of good, especially at the digestive level.
A pharmacist told me to stop taking it for 3 weeks on the pretext that it could draw too much from our reserves and cause fatigue, which I did and since then, my constipation problems have returned +++ .
I never stopped it anymore, at a rate of 6 tablets a day, I felt much better with chlorella.
Besides, question:
Is it true that if we take chlorella discontinuously, it risks drawing on our reserves?
Can we take it without taking a dose or if we take it at what rate?
Thank you,

Lyloue, 6 July 2021
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Astaxanthin and chlorella: a shock duo

It is with pleasure that I would like to testify to the high quality of your products; indeed I have been taking chlorella for several years and the benefits on my health are amazing: intestinal comfort, fluid joints, elimination of heavy metals, anti stress etc… But the most is to associate it with astaxanthin that I have been taking for a year and the effects are effective from the first month: clear improvement of vision (clearer vision, less blurred), hydration of the skin strengthened (especially on dry skin), renewed energy felt in the morning (2 capsules to take in the morning).

I highly recommend chlrella and astaxanthin, great products for our health!

Be well …


Milo, 20 September 2020
  • Intestines

Gastric discomfort

Hello, a word to give news of the digestive problems that appeared after the first 10 days of taking chlorella.
Indeed, after 10 days of taking it, I had an indigestion with all the associated symptoms “nausea – no way to eat – feeling of weight on the stomach – digestive discomfort – ” in short, only nice things.
So I reduced the doses to a teaspoon full every other day and so far no more indigestion, it seems to work like that.
I think that the product is not harmless and that small weights like me have difficulty digesting them.
And anyway, we are all different and we all react differently.
This testimony is for people who have had the same problem.
So, adapting the dose to what you can take and being attentive to the effects generated is the best way to benefit from the cure or others.
Kind regards.

Marie Josée, 4 June 2020
  • Fatigue
  • Intestines
  • Joints

Reduction of intestinal pain

A boost of energy and a reduction of intestinal pain. Being a basic skeptic, it didn’t take long for me to be convinced :) And why take drugs when a natural solution can help… Thank you!


Damien Gosset, 8 February 2017
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I digest much better

I started taking ECHLORIAL chlorella a month ago and my digestion is much better. I take 10 tablets in the morning with my herbal tea and it energizes me for the day. I can see in my stool that there is still a little chlorophyll in it, which indicates that I have enough, which helps the microbiota to function properly.

I also notice that I have little pimples on my thighs, which indicate that I am cleansing. My body has enough energy for a good metabolism and at the same time an eviction of toxins. I had already taken chlorella and spirulina, so I started again without taking low doses the first days.

I am very sensitive to micro algae, being a vegetarian, and I feel great when I take them.

I am happy to know that ECHLORIAL chlorella is cultivated in glass tubes, protected from any pollution, knowing that micro algae capture heavy metals. They might as well capture them in our body to eliminate them, rather than capturing them before we consume them and thus bringing them to us. I am therefore perfectly satisfied.


Pierre-andré, 9 November 2016
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  • Well being

Painful bloating and wonderful chlorella !

For several years I have been suffering from important bloating and stomach aches especially after meals sometimes obliging me to change clothes to feel more comfortable.

After one month of treatment with 33 tablets of chlorella per day, this problem has totally disappeared. I feel a comfort at the intestinal level unknown until then. As if my belly did not exist anymore!

I started the treatment with 1gr but I was quickly obliged to increase it because the small doses caused constipation.

Stopping the treatment after 2 months caused the symptoms to return. I am now taking it again and will continue to take it daily.


Anne, 20 February 2016
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  • Well being



I have been taking chlorella for 1 month, 21 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. Before that I was taking for 15 years a medicine for heartburn twice a week (I took Maalox, then OGAST 15 mg). Since one week it doesn’t burn me at all, I tried to eat a spicy dish when I usually take a pill behind it, but this time I don’t need it, this seaweed is overpowering…


Amid , 19 February 2016
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