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LOLA, our little dog, has seen her health improve considerably thanks to Chlorella

Chlorella helps a lot the dog of my parents-in-law, who suffers from a skin disease.

This dog is named Lola, weighs 10 kg, is 8 years old and has black scabs on her legs, genital area and under her mouth.

No veterinarian has found the cause, and no treatment has cured her. Our poor Lola has been exhausted by all the medications. As a naturopath, I couldn’t let that happen! So we decided to stop all medications and switch to Chlorella.

It’s been 1 month now that Lola has been munching on 3 g of Chlorella every day !!! She loves it !!!

She has regained a lot of energy, but, unfortunately, the state of her skin is still the same. Worse, by dint of licking, the skin is bare on her paws and the flesh is oozing.

We wonder if she is suffering from skin cancer. Anyway, there are sick cells in her body.

News from Lola 2 months later:

On the advice of Muriel Cathaud (the Echlorial distributor), we have been giving Lola 20 tablets: 10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon, for 2 months.

Since we have been giving her 20 tablets a day (so 6g), she does not lick her paws anymore! It is a great joy for us because the hairs will be able to grow back. She is on the way to recovery! She stopped licking her paws the day after the first dose.

As for her vitality, she is still as tired as before, but she keeps her very good appetite. Her body must certainly struggle… She has no side effects such as diarrhea. She certainly needed such a dose. And yet, we went from 3g to 6g in one go…

Lola’s vitality has improved a lot. She has found a nice energy and is playing again. The scabs are still present, but we keep hoping and continue to give her Chlorella daily.

I recommend this wonderful algae for all animals.


Anonymous, 16 March 2015
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