My hyperhydrosis has disappeared

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I tested chlorella for the first time, about 3 months ago, as I was looking for a solution to reduce my incessant pain of fibromyalgia origin. After about 1 month of treatment, I noticed a great improvement. My pain was almost imperceptible and it no longer took me half an hour in the morning to get out of bed!

Another observation, which I did not expect at all: I saw my hyperhydrosis problem (which I have suffered from since I was young) partially disappear, that is to say that I remained entire days without sweating either from my hands or from my feet. A very high temperature still made me sweat, but only momentarily. Only people with these conditions can understand how much my life has improved!

When I stopped taking the chlorella (after 2 months of treatment), the symptoms came back, unfortunately, that’s why I decided to do a chlorella cure again, maybe longer this time. At the same time that I took chlorella, I took 2 capsules of omega 3 per day. Well being, relaxation and depression have disappeared…

I encourage fibromyalgia sufferers for whom unfortunately allopathic medicine does not bring any solution for the moment, to try chlorella.

Sandrine, 6 March 2015
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