The solution: Chlorella

  • Menopause

I found a solution for my menopausal problems, it’s called Chlorella

I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep anymore! and it had been over 9 months! I couldn’t take it anymore!

A friend of mine had been talking to me about Chlorella for a long time but I was skeptical about its possibilities to help me with this problem of hot flashes due to menopause.

Two months ago, I let myself be tempted, it is true that I was not risking much! What a surprise, what happiness …. my hot flashes faded very quickly, sometimes I don’t have them at all for several weeks.

When my hot flashes come back intermittently, I double the doses and it ends up passing.

It only took about 20 days for the effects to start appearing.

I take 12 tablets a day before breakfast. When I stop for a few days, they invariably come back. Maybe it will stop one day but for now it is systematic.

I don’t know if I can say it too, but I have the impression that Chlorella also regulates my mood swings. I had a tendency, lately, to suddenly go from joy to memancholy in a totally unexplained way. Today, I really feel better in my body and in my head.

It is therefore with pleasure that I share my experience with chlorella with as many of you as possible so that you too can benefit from the advantages of chlorella.


Anonymous, 18 March 2015
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