Organic and Quality Certifications

Quality certifications of Chlorella and Spirulina eChlorial eChlorial chlorella is a very pure chlorella thanks to its unique production method in glass tubes by our rigorously selected European partner algae farms. The cultivation of eChlorial organic chlorella is permanently controlled and certified. It is cultivated away from any external pollution (dust, gas, smoke brought by […]

Chlorella eChlorial : Grown in Glass Tubes

Chlorella : Cultivation Method in Glass Tubes eChlorial High Quality Organic Chlorella is grown in Europe in Glass Tubes Chlorella must be extra pure: Chlorella eChlorial is a freshwater algae cultivated in glass tubes under natural light, a totally controlled production in an environment 100% protected from any pollution. Only a fully enclosed device, allowing […]

The eChlorial Team

eChlorial is an ultra specialized micro-algae boutique We are a small family business founded in 2002 by Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science, specialist in chlorella. After obtaining a doctorate in physics and chemistry from the University of Lyon I, Muriel worked for many years in the medical research sector. At the same time she continued […]

Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science

About the author… – Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science in Physics and Chemistry (1,1a)– University Professor at INSA (2) With a PhD in Physics and Chemistry from Lyon’s Claude Bernard University, Doctor Muriel Cathaud worked in medical research for many years (3). In 2002, she became an innovation consultant in the healthcare field, then a […]

Partner Links

Harmonia Space The well-being coworking in Northern Isère! Created by passionate and committed beekeepers, Harmonia is a workplace dedicated to professionals of well-being and natural health. The Harmonia space offers a coworking space, seminar and meeting room and private offices. Plankton of the World Pierre Mollo, biologist, aims to make the general public discover the […]