Chlorella and spirulina powders: how to consume them?

Among the consumers of chlorella and spirulina, some are unconditional fans of the powder! Compared to tablets, the powder requires a small preparation to be easily consumed but if you don’t mind, it is to be preferred. The advantages of the powder • It is 100% pure chlorella powder or spirulina powder • The micro-algae […]

Where to buy organic spirulina and how to choose it?

Where to buy the best organic spirulina and how to determine its quality? Organic stores, Amazon,… List and tips to find the spirulina powder or tablets you are looking for. Which is the best organic spirulina? The best organic spirulina is: locally grown (preferably Europe), sun-dried and certified organic, but above all: the one that […]

Spirulina and weight loss: Dosage and explanation

Organic spirulina bio is a precious ally to maintain one’s weight or to regain a weight in accordance with one’s personality. It acts naturally as a fat burner, helps to lose weight and to maintain one’s weight in harmonious proportions (BMI or IMC). Spirulina allows us to control our weight Microalgae are increasingly known and […]

The 6 Lies on Spirulina: Dangers, Organic Spirulina, Pregnancy…

➤ The 6 lies to know absolutely about spirulina algae: dangers, organic spirulina, thyroid, pregnancy… Lie #1 : Spirulina represents a danger for your health Presence of toxins and salmonella in spirulina! Toxins, such as microcystins and salmonella are dangerous to the liver, and have sometimes been found in some spirulina samples from Asia imported into […]

Differences between Chlorella and Spirulina

If we were to retain only two health food supplements it would unquestionably be the chlorella and the spirulina. These two superfoods with exceptional benefits to our health are both comparable and complementary ! Organic Chlorella and organic spirulina are microorganisms that thrive in water. They are called “micro-algae ” because they are rich in photosynthetic pigments, […]