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Gone in style

I’m back to let you know that my boxer has passed away. We had to cut short his breathing difficulties, which occurred suddenly on Saturday evening, as he suffered internal bleeding. The chlorella did him a lot of good, he had regained his appetite and the desire to play, but alas this spleen tumor was fatal. The forced separation is terrible.

It goes without saying that you can publish my testimony. My “pépère” went out in style thanks to chlorella, it was incredible, the coat was softer, the nose was pigmented again, etc.

Chantal, 31 May 2024
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Bernese Mountain Dog cross

Hello everyone, like you I read the testimonies and I was left with a mouthful. Here is my story, my dog kid kept coughing this summer and like that I took him to the vet who told me it’s nothing just a flu. The treatment that the vet gave him cortisone treatment for a month, it does not heal so we took him to a good clinic and there the diagnosis malignant tumor metastases to the liver and spleen we are depressed.

By reading all your testimonies I ordered the chlorella that I started almost a week ago and still I notice that my Loulou has more peach that it does not suffer and especially a super appetite here is my story. I don’t know how long it will last but I want to say thank you because thanks to your testimonies I didn’t hesitate to order. My Loulou is 9 years old and I love him so much.


Thierry, 18 July 2020
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Chlorella, a real miracle


My testimony is the story of a miracle and true. Before telling my story, I sincerely thank this site which made me discover chlorella and which gave a new chance to my dog in spite of his serious disease.

Rocky, my 12 year old American Staff dog, was diagnosed with spleen cancer with a metastasis in the liver and a survival of a few days, or even a few hours, according to the 3 veterinarians that we consulted and who advised us to euthanize the animal because there was no treatment or cure possible, because of the age of the dog and especially because the disease was already too advanced.

Dièse et Rocky

Dièse and Rocky

Following this bad news, I decided to search on the net for something that could “relieve” him and make his end of life more pleasant for him.

Indeed, I discovered chlorella and I started to give him 4 tablets per day, to relax him during the 2 days which remained to him before the appointment taken for the euthanasia at the veterinary.

There, a miracle happened, no more tiredness, no more lack of appetite and my dog found his youth again, playing and running like before.

The day of the euthanasia, the veterinarian himself refused to do it when he saw the animal so awake and happy to “live again”, so I decided to give him a second chance so that he could enjoy the end of his happy and fulfilled life in our company thanks to the chlorella which had given him back his energy, but we didn’t know how long it would last. The veterinarian had even told us that he was on call that evening, because he didn’t believe that the dog was going to stay so awake, and expected to see us come back a few hours later.

Today, 4 weeks after his diagnosis of cancer and liver metastasis, which had announced an end of life in a few days or a few hours, Rocky is still with us, he takes every day his 4 pills per day, he plays, he eats to his hunger, he drinks and is always as happy to go out and run on the grass.

The vet can’t believe his energy and has many questions, because the dog, with his diagnosis, should never have lived so long, and especially, should not be so fit and awake. They didn’t even know about chlorella and thanks to me and my experience, he is going to suggest it to other pet owners because he is shocked and very surprised by these results on my dog.

Chlorella changed my dog’s life and gave him a second chance, he still has liver metastases and spleen cancer, with a slight anemia, but he lives a little longer and enjoys his last moments happy and in shape, and we are very happy for him because, when he leaves, he will have been happy during the last moments of his life with us

Thank you for making me discover this, I relive wonderful moments with my dog thanks to you and he thanks you too.


Dièse, 23 April 2020
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Ines, Bernese Mountain Dog

One month ago to the day I learned that my Bernese Mountain dog, Ines, had a tumor on her spleen… The operation went very well. Taking chlorella after her operation was sensational… Of the tonus of the appetite that of the happiness to see its bitch living again!

Our dog, a 30 kg Bernese Mountain Dog of 6 years old was operated of a tumor of the spleen just one month ago. The results of the biopsy finally showed that the tumor was malignant. We started chlorella as soon as she came home (2.5g then 5g per day then 7g for about 10 days). Today we continue with 2.5g per day.

In less than two weeks, she has gained 2 kg while she had lost a lot of weight. She is moving and having fun again like before. We found our dog as she was. We don’t want to put her through the anti-cancer treatments proposed by the vet because we know that it will be very hard on her. They will only be painful for her without guaranteeing her total recovery. We prefer that the rest of her life, even if it has to be shortened, be as sweet as possible. We are convinced that chlorella will continue to help her as it has already done.

We are really happy to have discovered chlorella that we did not know. We owe her a lot! … we even started to consume it ourselves.
Why don’t the veterinarians talk about it! Why isn’t it better known? It’s an incredible chance that we came across the Echlorial site in our research. The testimonies on the results obtained on dogs with spleen cancer were very interesting. They helped us a lot and above all they gave us hope. That is why I am writing today.

If some people wish to have my testimony I remain at your disposal.



Updated: 15/04/2020

I wanted to give you some news about Ines who is doing very well. She had a spleen tumor surgery almost 1 year ago. With the chlorella, her hair is beautiful.

An incredible form full of tonus full of appetite.
Without the chlorella my doll would not have been able to get out of it, it’s a magic product, great !!!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me for my testimony.


Laura , 14 August 2019
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Gatsby, old dog with spleen cancer


The results obtained with Chlorella on the health of our old English shepherd dog Gatsby convinced us of the medical virtues of this small precious alga. We have been consuming it ever since.

Gatsby got sick in February 2010. To be honest, it was not really a surprise, considering the advanced age of our dog. He became anemic and was constantly in vomiting spasms. A CT scan revealed that he had spots on his spleen, he had cancer. Given his age, surgery was not an option. The only solution to relieve him was to give him high doses of cortisone. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it. He got really sick, vomiting constantly, writhing in pain and losing all his hair.

After two weeks of this treatment, and against the advice of the vet, we decided to stop everything. Not being able to bear to see our dog suffer so much, we had to consider euthanasia.

My mother, who is a nutritionist, reacted to our decision and suggested that we try putting Gatsby on Chlorella for a while. She has been using Chlorella as a dietary supplement for many years and is full of praise for the medical benefits of this little algae.

We had nothing to lose by trying it. We gave him 12 tablets a day of Chlorella.

At the end of the 3rd week we noticed an improvement in Gatsby’s condition. He had more energy, less spasms and his gums had turned pink again, a sign that his anemia was disappearing.

I had a hard time believing that it was Chlorella that could be responsible for this effect, which was more like a miracle! But I had to face the facts, one year later Gatsby, still on Chlorella, his only remedy, was still alive and well.

The vet confirmed that his spleen was healthy again without any cancerous spots. Gatsby is very alert for his age and has regained a good coat.

Needless to say, the whole family is now taking Chlorella, including the cat and our other dog!


Anonymous, 24 March 2015
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Alto, 9 year old labrador, spleen cancer

My dog has been diagnosed with spleen cancer since the beginning of June, he is 9 years old and the vet just gave me some previcox to relieve him. However, he has resumed eating his bowl but he scratches a lot and sometimes he shakes. My dog is a labrador of 36 kg. I would like to have more information on your products, thank you because I am a little helpless to see him in this state and I know that the vet told me that he could not do much for him, I love my dog …




I’m here to give you some news about my dog Alto.

For some time now, I have been wondering about the health of my dog who is doing well, whereas in June last year we diagnosed him with spleen cancer.

Last Wednesday, I saw another veterinarian and explained to him all that I did for Alto. He told me that it was strange because a dog with spleen cancer has a life span of 3 or 4 months.
The vet did an ultrasound and I couldn’t believe my eyes, his spleen was clean and without cancer, without anything, except that he has a kidney a little bit bigger than normal, that’s why he drinks a lot after eating… On his blood test, everything is normal except for a slightly higher level of calcium.

In any case, I think that chlorella has contributed a lot to the health of my big doggie and I thank you very much. I think that without having known you on the web, my dog would not be alive now.

Thank you again



Good evening Sylvie

Thank you for your message and for having been kind enough to share this excellent news with me.

I am absolutely delighted to have contributed to the good health of your beloved companion.

You have had the same experience as people who have already expressed their great surprise and gratitude towards the extraordinary contribution of chlorella on their pet.

Let me put your testimony on the site? Making the benefits of chlorella known is always greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance

Very cordially

Muriel Cathaud


Good evening,

I will of course allow you to put my testimony on the site, I am so happy about this good news and once again, a big thank you.


Anonymous, 24 March 2015
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