Phycocyanin : Spirulina Secret Weapon

Phycocyanin : what is it ? Phycocyanin, like astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant naturally present in the cyanobacteria spirulina It is the blue pigment that gives it its color (the “cyan” of cyanobacteria). – More precisely, C-phycocyanin (C-PC) is a phycobiliprotein which constitutes the major pigment of Spirulina Arthrospira. – It is highly valued by […]

Effects of Spirulina on Anemia

A recent study (1) gives the results of a method to fight anemia and immune deficiency in seniors. This simple, effective and inexpensive method consists of the regular consumption of spirulina with its well known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Before summarizing the study, let’s recall a few concepts below: What are the main elements that […]

Black Friday : The Best Spirulina at the Best Price

Black Friday : 1 Kg of Organic Spirulina Fill up with Organic Spirulina at the best price ! Black Friday is also the opportunity to fill up on superfoods for several months. With this in mind, the eChlorial team, French experts in Premium Microalgae, offers a format particularly suited to bargain seekers with 1 Kg […]

Where to buy organic spirulina and how to choose it?

Where to buy the best organic spirulina and how to determine its quality? Organic stores, Amazon,… List and tips to find the spirulina powder or tablets you are looking for. Which is the best organic spirulina? The best organic spirulina is: locally grown (preferably Europe), sun-dried and certified organic, but above all: the one that […]

Spirulina and weight loss: Dosage and explanation

Organic spirulina bio is a precious ally to maintain one’s weight or to regain a weight in accordance with one’s personality. It acts naturally as a fat burner, helps to lose weight and to maintain one’s weight in harmonious proportions (BMI or IMC). Spirulina allows us to control our weight Microalgae are increasingly known and […]

The 6 Lies on Spirulina: Dangers, Organic Spirulina, Pregnancy…

➤ The 6 lies to know absolutely about spirulina algae: dangers, organic spirulina, thyroid, pregnancy… Lie #1 : Spirulina represents a danger for your health Presence of toxins and salmonella in spirulina! Toxins, such as microcystins and salmonella are dangerous to the liver, and have sometimes been found in some spirulina samples from Asia imported into […]

Spirulina conquers space!

The famous cyanobacteria is making news again thanks to its exceptional properties! Called ArtEMISS, a mini spirulina bio-reactor arrived on the International Space Station on December 18, 2017 and will remain there for 1 month to determine the micro-algae’s ability to generate oxygen. As spirulina is best known for its high protein content, astronauts will […]

Bloom! Grow fresh spirulina

We already told you about Toulouse-based startup Alg & You : After 3 years of research and development, the Alg & You teams are finally starting pre-sales of Bloom, its fresh spirulina home cultivator! Delivery of the device is scheduled for the end of 2018. The launch of Bloom is an event in the plant […]

Growing fresh spirulina at home is just around the corner!

The eChlorial team met George Garcia, creator of the “Phytotière”! Interview extracted from the book “Savez-vous goûter…les algues?” Georges Garcia is an engineer and philosopher by training. Pierre Mollo passed on his passion for plankton to him, and since 2010, through the development of “phytotières”, he has been aiming to make spirulina and micro-algae a […]

Differences between Chlorella and Spirulina

If we were to retain only two health food supplements it would unquestionably be the chlorella and the spirulina. These two superfoods with exceptional benefits to our health are both comparable and complementary ! Organic Chlorella and organic spirulina are microorganisms that thrive in water. They are called “micro-algae ” because they are rich in photosynthetic pigments, […]