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Scientists Discover a New Application for Chlorella!

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to interview one of our customers on the other side of the Atlantic! This correspondent is none other than the prestigious California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) through two researchers, Dr. Israel Kellersztein and Prof. Chiara Daraio from Caltech’s Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. In this […]

Microbiota: The Importance of the Gut-Brain Axis

Neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases in relation to the gut microbiota: ongoing research opens up perspectives for treatment and prevention In the article ” Microbiota: our intestines “think” with 200 million neurons “, we put into perspective the studies demonstrating the importance of our intestinal flora, our second brain. It has been proven that our intestinal […]

Vaccines and Heavy Metals: True or False

Particularly today, questions are being asked about the composition and side effects of vaccines. This topic is made more topical than ever with the imposed SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. The presence of aluminum-based adjuvants, traces of manufacturing residues, and mercury-based preservatives in certain vaccines is a source of controversy, while more and more studies denounce massive contamination […]

Properties and Virtues of Chlorella

Detoxifying, Energizing and Protecting The benefits of Chlorella or Chlorella are numerous, but it is especially recognized as being one of the most effective natural detoxifier. It naturally eliminates from our body, heavy metals, dioxins, organochlorinated aromatic compounds such as PCBs. To this day, Chlorella remains the most effective natural solution for the elimination of […]

Heavy Metals: All Contaminated

The latest study by Santé Publique France (ESTEBAN study published in July 2021) only confirms what Chlorella consumers have known for a long time: we are all intoxicated with heavy metals…. Analyses of hair, urine and blood were carried out on approximately 3,600 people aged 6 to 74 (1) Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel and […]

Algae to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps the most dreaded illness for all of us, both our loved ones and ourselves. It’s a frightening disease, and researchers have yet to come up with a solution!With 1,275,000 sufferers, 1 in 4 French people over 65 will be affected by the disease by 2020 (1). Small as it may be, […]

How can you strengthen your intestinal microbiota?

We can’t stress it enough: the health of our intestinal microbiota has a direct influence on our well-being! If you have a health problem, the first thing to do is to restore the balance of your intestinal microbiota. This often resolves many problems. In all cases, it helps restore or boost lost energy. Microalgae, and […]

Differences between probiotics and prebiotics?

The health of our intestinal flora or microbiota depends on our well-being! Recent discoveries about the intestinal microbiota are as important as those about stem cells! They offer the possibility of early detection of serious pathologies, and give us a glimpse of new therapies for diseases that have a major impact on today’s society, such […]

Sea spice: Tetraselmis microalgae

Sea spice is used by top chefs as a high-end condiment for its uniquely pronounced seafood flavor and deep green color. Sea spice is a micro-algae, Tetraselmis, sometimes called marine plankton because like chlorella, spirulina and all micro-algae, it too is part of the large plankton family. → Presentation → Health properties → Physical and […]

La Symphonie de la Mer : Collaborative Project

Here’s the perfect example of a project we love at eChlorial:“La Symphonie de la Mer” (Symphony of the Sea). It’s the fruit of a poetic collaboration between the famous Brazilian composer Antonio Santana and Pierre Mollo, a professor specializing in plankton and himself a bit of an artist… The aim of the“Symphony of the Sea” […]

Chlorella, by Futura Sciences

Futura Santé, the health section of Futura Sciences magazine, provides an overview of chlorella, from its discovery to its consumption, including studies demonstrating some of its many health properties: reduction of blood sugar and fat levels, benefits for pregnant women, etc. Extract: “One scientific study after another seems to prove chlorella aficionados right. In 2009, […]

Microbiota: our intestines “think” with 200 million neurons

Scientists show us that the brain in our cranium is not the only master on board. They explain that the millions of neurons in our belly, and the hundreds of billions of bacteria with which we live in symbiosis, influence our emotions and personality! The documentary “Le ventre, notre deuxième cerveau” by Cécile Denjean (France […]

Carotenoids to fight against eye diseases

The results of the epidemiological survey POLA (Pathologies Oculaires Liées à l’Age) conducted by the Inserm unit 593 “Epidemiology, public health and development” (Bordeaux) and the Inserm team 361 “Pathologies of the nervous system: Epidemiological and clinical research” (Montpellier) highlight the protective effect of two carotenoids (zeaxanthin and lutein) contained in green vegetables (kale, spinach, […]

Synthetic Vitamins: What You Need to Know

What Dr. Timothy O’Shea, author of “Conventional Medicine Vs. Holistic: A World of Difference” says: Taking synthetic vitamins does not provide the expected effects of the natural products that contain them and worse, it can have a harmful effect on the body. Indeed, the latter can take them for medicines and these purified synthetic molecules […]

Certified organic chlorella?

Is Chlorella organic? Is there any certified organic Chlorella on the market? The Organic label is governed by European regulations accepted by all EU member states. The European regulation on organic production of microalgae was updated in 2017! You can find microalgae microalgae with a true organic label according to European regulations since 2017. Why? […]