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Deep detox

Prescribed by my Naturopath for a deep detox of heavy metals. No problems, no digestive concerns. Effects felt:

– Improved transit

– Better energy

– Clearer mind

– Greater mental energy

Yours sincerely

Jean-baptiste, 4 April 2024
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Chronic fatigue

Having suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 22 years, I’ve tried a number of food supplements. For the 1st time, I felt a real improvement with chorella and astaxanthin (supplemented with SamE and shilajit resin). Improved energy, mood, concentration, digestion and immunity.

Many thanks for the quality of these products.

Naomi, 25 January 2024
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I’ve been using eChlorial chlorella for 5 years.

Hello, thank you for the fast delivery of my order. My question: I’m 68 years old and I’ve been taking echlorial chlorella for 5 years, which has been very good for my health. Do you recommend taking other supplements to age well in good health?
Thank you for your reply.
Kind regards

Alain, 8 January 2024
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Getting back on track after a tumor

Chlorella helped me to recover from a brain tumor (9 hours of surgery) in 2011. Since then, it never leaves me and gives me vitality and well-being. On the intestinal transit it is great no need to drink liters of hepar. I started with tablets and then I followed the advice of Muriel Cathaud and since then I take the powder that I consider miraculous. I have been using it for more than 10 years and I also take astaxanthin which made me lose the sun spots I had on my face.

Nadine, 15 December 2022
  • Well being

Delighted with the serenity it brings me

I have been using your chlorella for several months now, alternating with spirulina, and I am delighted with the serenity it brings me. I love to read the reviews of other customers too because I find it encouraging and reassuring. I would like to know how to take plant buds (blackcurrant) in the morning. I take my chlorella in 3 doses in the morning and at noon before meals and in the afternoon. I have to take the blackcurrant in the morning, how do you advise me to take it in order to preserve its effects?
Another subject still related to chlorella: is chlorella a vermifuge?

Thank you very much,

Carole, 6 July 2022
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Astaxanthin and chlorella: a shock duo

It is with pleasure that I would like to testify to the high quality of your products; indeed I have been taking chlorella for several years and the benefits on my health are amazing: intestinal comfort, fluid joints, elimination of heavy metals, anti stress etc… But the most is to associate it with astaxanthin that I have been taking for a year and the effects are effective from the first month: clear improvement of vision (clearer vision, less blurred), hydration of the skin strengthened (especially on dry skin), renewed energy felt in the morning (2 capsules to take in the morning).

I highly recommend chlrella and astaxanthin, great products for our health!

Be well …


Milo, 20 September 2020
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6 months treatment

After a cure of your chlorella for at least 6 months last year which helped me to deacidify my organism, I started to take it again at the beginning of May because I felt small urinary burns appearing again.

Thanks to this new treatment the problem was quickly solved but it has caused me for a good week important flatulences after meals. I am currently taking 10 tablets a day. What do you advise me to do?

I thank you for your help and send you my best messages.


Fabienne F., 5 September 2018
  • Well being

Immediate well-being (morale and digestive)


I discovered your chlorella a few months ago and I have been taking it daily ever since. I felt an immediate well-being (moral and digestive). Having a history of eating disorders (now totally stabilized for a year) I decided to offer my body large quantities of chlorella accompanied by a rich (and organic!) and joyful nutrition of course so that my body recovers completely from this past of undernutrition. So I take between 60 and 90 tablets divided into 3 doses every day. I read then that chlorella could “do harm” by demineralizing (whereas I’m looking for the opposite), and by putting too many heavy metals back into circulation. This seems a bit absurd to me but I need an enlightened exchange with you on this subject. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Yours sincerely,


Emmanuelle, 28 February 2017
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I digest much better

I started taking ECHLORIAL chlorella a month ago and my digestion is much better. I take 10 tablets in the morning with my herbal tea and it energizes me for the day. I can see in my stool that there is still a little chlorophyll in it, which indicates that I have enough, which helps the microbiota to function properly.

I also notice that I have little pimples on my thighs, which indicate that I am cleansing. My body has enough energy for a good metabolism and at the same time an eviction of toxins. I had already taken chlorella and spirulina, so I started again without taking low doses the first days.

I am very sensitive to micro algae, being a vegetarian, and I feel great when I take them.

I am happy to know that ECHLORIAL chlorella is cultivated in glass tubes, protected from any pollution, knowing that micro algae capture heavy metals. They might as well capture them in our body to eliminate them, rather than capturing them before we consume them and thus bringing them to us. I am therefore perfectly satisfied.


Pierre-andré, 9 November 2016
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Suffering from Lyme disease


Everything is perfect with you, I thank you, suffering from Lyme disease stage 3, your chlorella does me good, as well as on mercury and other metals, but also concerning vitamin B12 as well as all the other vitamins and minerals that it contains against the deleterious effects of the MDL…

Thanks again and respectful greeting,

Roger, 1 June 2016
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Total surprise

Before I get started, I want to make it clear that I am not pro-organic, pro-vegan, pro-food supplement, etc. I don’t really eat healthy, but whatever…

Here is my personal feedback on chlorella:

A friend had told me several times about Chlorella a few months ago. Not being a fan of drugs and other food supplements, it didn’t really “echo” in my ears. No one else in my circle knew about it either… Later on, during a professional trip, I talked with several people who were also taking it, and they explained me more precisely what these green algae were, their virtues, their history, the legend of Japan, blablabla. When I came back I ordered a box, not that I was convinced but I don’t like to die stupid.

It took me 3 months to decide to take it! I remember the smell when I opened the jar of pills for the first time… It didn’t make me want to take it… and the capsules were a bit big for my taste. Anyway, once I got past this psychological stage, it’s good :)

Before starting the consumption, I followed my friend’s recommendations, namely listening to your body the week before you start taking it. Concretely, this consists in identifying the moments of your day: tiredness, loss of concentration, not wanting to move, etc.

D-Day. I start soft: 5 tablets.

From the first day I noticed a kind of “boost” (like drinking a redbull but without the fatigue after 7 hours). However I was unable to know if this was due (or not) to Chlorella. Being skeptical by nature, I put it on the fact that I had drunk 5 coffees that day.

I continued the following days (5 the first 15 days, then 6 since), and there, pleasant surprise: I thought that it would not make any difference, it was the opposite. In short: a better muscle tone (almost never tired), no more concentration problems (even though I work all day in front of the screens), no more tiredness. I also sleep much better.

For me Chlorella is effective and I cannot deny its beneficial effects. The best advice I can give you is to talk about it with someone who uses it to have a better idea.

P.S.: Personally I advise you to take your tablets with orange juice, it is much more pleasant than with water or coffee.


Pierre, 23 May 2016
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  • Well being

Life is beautiful…

Life is beautiful…and everything became easy again with and thanks to Chlorella.

In June 2015 I was blocked, a back with a disabling sciatica, a 1st infiltration that had not worked and a 2nd to consider, but my energeticist asked me to give it up and introduced me to Chlorella.

Today and after more than 3 months of daily intake, I no longer know what pain is and my osteoarthritis is gone.

I hope never to stop this rejuvenating cure which allows me, at almost 60 years old, to find energy, vitality, liveliness of mind, happiness and always good mood.

To be shared and consumed without moderation.


Véronique, 21 February 2016
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Painful bloating and wonderful chlorella !

For several years I have been suffering from important bloating and stomach aches especially after meals sometimes obliging me to change clothes to feel more comfortable.

After one month of treatment with 33 tablets of chlorella per day, this problem has totally disappeared. I feel a comfort at the intestinal level unknown until then. As if my belly did not exist anymore!

I started the treatment with 1gr but I was quickly obliged to increase it because the small doses caused constipation.

Stopping the treatment after 2 months caused the symptoms to return. I am now taking it again and will continue to take it daily.


Anne, 20 February 2016
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I have been taking chlorella for 1 month, 21 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. Before that I was taking for 15 years a medicine for heartburn twice a week (I took Maalox, then OGAST 15 mg). Since one week it doesn’t burn me at all, I tried to eat a spicy dish when I usually take a pill behind it, but this time I don’t need it, this seaweed is overpowering…


Amid , 19 February 2016
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Weight loss

I work in the petrochemical industry in Canada and am very exposed to heavy metal pollution. I bought chlorella in France for the first time exactly one year ago. I had never heard of it but I am very interested in nutrition and I subscribed to newsletters. One day I receive one that talks about Chlorella. And I try it. I’ve been taking chlorella for 11 months now. I started slowly. The first week, I had a headache and dizziness but I knew that it was probably just a short bad moment to pass. I gradually increased the dose from 1 gram to probably 6 grams a day. I don’t really count. I take a big handful. Every day.

It is an absolute miracle product. Never constipated again. Always a flat stomach (I always had a bloated and distended stomach before) and no matter what I did (gym, trying to control what I ate) I didn’t lose weight. My weight stayed the same. No matter what I did. Like my metabolism was slowed down.

I just turned 35. I have lost 18kgs since I started taking chlorella (11 months ago). I am the same weight I was at 23 and I feel like I am 23 again. I don’t have pain anywhere. And I have a lot of energy again, as if I had really become 12 years younger. At work, people notice how I change from week to week. And many people think I’m 26-28 instead of 35. It’s really nice when the compliment comes from people who are 26 to 28 years old.

I did a lot of research to find chlorella that didn’t come from China. Because even if I had to take food supplements to clean up my body, I wanted to be sure that I was absorbing something of quality. I came across this website. Echlorial.

I bought the family box (1kg). It won’t last me 10 months because I take about 6 grams a day and asked my boyfriend to take some too. He almost gave up the first week because it made him feel bad (like me) but I begged him not to give up before feeling the benefits…

Personally, I’m sure I lost all that weight (18kgs) thanks to Chorella because really apart from having a job where I’m very active physically since March, taking chorella is the only difference in my lifestyle.

I just wanted to share my experience because so many people just don’t know what to do to speed up their metabolism. Chlorella has been the answer for me and I’m going to recommend it before I run out. By the time it gets to Canada, I need to get a head start ;)

In Canada, the only one I can find comes from Asia…

That’s my experience with this magic seaweed. Not ready to stop taking it!


Fleuriane, 30 November 2015
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