Scientists Discover a New Application for Chlorella!

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to interview one of our customers on the other side of the Atlantic! This correspondent is none other than the prestigious California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) through two researchers, Dr. Israel Kellersztein and Prof. Chiara Daraio from Caltech’s Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. In this […]

Billionaire Bryan Johnson’s Secret to Health

Chlorella is in the news again Chlorella is back in the news! Its use is no longer limited to natural health enthusiasts; even billionaires are turning to it for their wellness routines. Bryan Johnson, the entrepreneur who claims to be able to rejuvenate, explains that he starts his day with a smoothie made with… chlorella […]

Cardiovascular diseases

Scientific and Medical Evidence Cardiovascular diseases Empirical observations have shown that chlorella can act to reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis. The reason for these actions could be the high amount of unsaturated fatty acids associated with antioxidants like chlorophyll, as well as the unique balance of nutrients in CVB. OKAMOTO et […]

Analysis Chlorella eChlorial

Chlorella must be pure: detailed analysis Composition and analysis of our Organic Chlorella eChlorial: nutritional values and average composition in proportion of dry matter. Average caloric values of the Chlorella Echlorial: 100 g : 1 563 kJ – 373 kCal 3 g : 47 kJ – 11 kCal Element g per 100g References Protein 45 – 55 […]

Chlorella : Detailed Composition

Composition of Chlorella The effects of Chlorella are linked to the properties of its components which represent a real cocktail of precious elements for the body. It is very likely that the numerous effects of Chlorella are also due to the synergy of the elements of this cocktail. Thanks to the synergy of the elements […]

Why Consume Chlorella ?

What is the use of chlorella ? For preventive health care! Naturopaths and nutritionists very often recommend Chlorella as a first line of defence. Chlorella can restore the imbalances at the origin of many of our small ailments. Chlorella is not a medicine, it is a food supplement composed of precious elements for health. More […]

Properties and Virtues of Chlorella

Detoxifying, Energizing and Protecting The benefits of Chlorella or Chlorella are numerous, but it is especially recognized as being one of the most effective natural detoxifier. It naturally eliminates from our body, heavy metals, dioxins, organochlorinated aromatic compounds such as PCBs. To this day, Chlorella remains the most effective natural solution for the elimination of […]

Chlorella, What is it ?

Chlorella: Microalga, Health Food Supplement and Detoxifying Agent Our detoxified body, enriched with precious nutrients, is able to better resist external aggressions. The fibers of Chlorella naturally capture heavy metals and chemical pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs … These fibers, not assimilated by the body, are naturally eliminated via the stools, thus facilitating the cleaning […]

The 7 Lies about Chlorella : dangers, organic, properties…

The seven lies and dangers to know absolutely about chlorella! Properties, hazards, production methods, benefits, etc. Lie #1 : Chlorella’s cell wall must be “broken” to be digested, otherwise it is ineffective This is undoubtedly the most widespread lie about chlorella. It is mainly found on US sites (with the term “broken cell wall“). Selling the properties […]

Chlorella improves bee health!

Chlorella improves bee health, extends bee life and increases honey production. Czech researchers published some very interesting results on the use of organic chlorella in beekeeping in August 2018*. Numerous studies confirm the benefits of chlorella supplementation in animal feed to improve health, behavior and fertility, but this is the first time that chlorella has […]

Chlorella and detox : how does it work ?

The detoxifying abilities of chlorella are now indisputably recognized!  But how does it work?  To date, chlorella appears to be the most effective natural solution for the removal of heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.  Chlorella cleans our fluids (blood, lymph), our tissues, our emunctories (intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs). This cleansing is an essential prerequisite for […]

Chlorella: an unsuspected powerful antifungal agent?

Scientific studies indicate that chlorella possesses powerful antifungal properties. The results of studies by infectious disease expert Professor Meghan Duffy (University of Michigan, USA) encourage her to continue her research into the use of chlorella as an antifungal agent for humans. In 2021, to find an environmentally-friendly way of combating plant-damaging fungi, researchers studied extracts […]

Video : Chlorella, what is it? Properties and health benefits

• Chlorella : what is it ? This video presents the micro algae chlorella, its properties and health benefits. Chlorella, like spirulina, is a 100% natural dietary supplement and a microscopic algae with numerous health benefits : energizing, detoxifying, anti-tumoral properties. Chlorella’s cell possess an hyper affinity with heavy metals and pesticides. True gift from mother […]

Beneficial effects of chlorella

* This information is based on the health claims authorized under the European legislation on food supplements (EC n° 1924/2006). EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) 1500, 1887, 1888, 3314.

Chlorella stabilizes cholesterol levels

A study shows the effectiveness of chlorella consumed as a dietary supplement (5g/day) to reduce the risk of mortality. Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of mortality due to the aging of the population. A high level of cholesterol in the blood represents a major risk. According to a recent and very serious study, the […]