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Summary of testimonials:

The majority of the consumers of Chlorella consumers notice an improvement of their tonus before the end of the first month!

Chlorella consumers are unanimous. For 80% of them, they perceive an improvement of their well-being before the end of the first month !
A summary of the testimonies of Organic Chlorella Bio eChlorial is given below. The improvements that are most often mentioned by regular Chlorella consumers are :

Well-being recovered (it’s hard to explain but we feel better in our body)
– General state clearly improved
– Decrease and even disappearance of symptoms due to : Herpes and sores, Candida albicans which for some were very old
– Seasonal depression not occurred
– Increased tone and resistance to fatigue, (very significant in all those who suffer from chronic fatigue)
– Regularization of intestinal transit
– Greater clarity of mind
– Better capacity of memorization (immediate memory)
– Resistance to food allergies and dust allergies (pollens and others)
– Improvement of the state of the skin (more resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal aggressions), of the nails and of the skin, nails (harder and grow faster), hair (better quality and grow faster)
– Calmer with better sleep
– Disappearance of chronic joint pain (shoulders, hip)
– Disappearance of unbearable pain in the mouth (tongue, gums)
– Decrease in the frequency of hot flashes (menopause)
Appetite suppressant that avoids snacking
– Slight weight loss in the first month of use (1 to 2 kg)
– Results of a survey on cold sores

We conducted an initial survey of about 50 people. Its objective was to collect information on the effects of Chlorella on herpes, here are the remarks and conclusions:

All the people who suffer from herpes labialis simplex have noticed a very significant improvement of the expression of the virus from their 3rd month of consumption of Chlorella as a preventive measure, i.e. 10 tablets per day.

When the consumers have been taking Chlorella for several months, the improvements observed are :

The manifestations, in the form of ”fever blisters” located on the lips or in the nose, become very episodic and diminish sufficiently to be almost totally forgotten!
The manifestations are no longer more than sensations of tingling at the place where the blister came out. Most of the time, the pimple does not come out and the sensations, which are no longer painful, are only felt for 24 hours or so, then everything disappears.

Temporary tiredness or exposure to the sun are no longer the causes of new outbreaks.
We have not obtained any data on genital herpes.

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Interesting remarks on testimonials and consumers

– The people who do not feel anything after the first month of use are on antidepressants but this does not mean that there are no effects!

Among the 10% of the people who felt nothing, they are, according to the testimonies, mostly women, and all of them were under antidepressant treatment (such as Prozac).
– 50% of the consumers / regular customers are men

50% of our clients are men.

This is an interesting fact: Chlorella is consumed as much by men as by women. It is however well known that women are traditionally the most aware of preventive health actions. They are, in general, in charge of the well-being of the whole family.

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


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